Lazarus House


Lazarus House received a phone call from “Matthew,” a past emergency shelter guest. Matthew called to thank our shelter for helping him get back on his feet. He was a young, homeless Marine veteran who had been estranged from his father for nearly a decade. He arrived at Lazarus House in need of food, shelter and employment. The Lazarus House men’s case manager worked with Matthew to secure employment and helped him to create a budget and savings account. Matthew was encouraged to reach out to his father and let his dad know he was back in the Batavia area and doing alright.

Through the support and encouragement he received during his time in shelter, he had started to rekindle the relationship with his father, found full-time employment as an area store manager and had secured his own apartment in the tri-city area. He credited Lazarus House for the the support, education and tools he received for his new life.

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